TSA at 20: How Secure Are Our Airports?

The holidays are here and people are on the move. Air travel is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. Another important milestone is that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), created in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, just turned 20. 

It’s almost hard to imagine how different the airport experience was pre-TSA. Security used to be quick and easy: your carry-on went through a simple X-ray machine, while we walked through the metal detector—shoes, coats and belts still on. Sharp objects, from Swiss Army knives to knitting needles, were no problem; nor were water bottles before the 2006 transatlantic plot foiled by British police. Loved ones could see us off right until the departure gate. 

Lately, more people have health concerns when flying. But as we become airborne again, it’s worth asking, how secure are our airports? What threats are out there and are we ready to deal with them? With us to answer is top aviation security expert, Jeff Price. He’s a professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science, and owner of airport management training company, Leading Edge Strategies.

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