Little girl saves her 5-year-old twin brother from cancer

At the birth of their twins, Jennifer and Brian, were overjoyed to hold their seemingly perfect, and healthy twin babies; but as they grew older, tragedy struck.

Bradley was diagnosed with leukemia. In desperation, his parents provided him the best medical care they could. They tried chemotherapy and after the fourth cycle, the doctor suggested that Brian now needed a stem cell transplant.

They knew instantly that instead of waiting endlessly to find a donor, their daughter would provide a perfect match. The decision was tough, so, they asked their little girl if she would help her little brother.

Charlotte did not hesitate even for a moment…

She did not have to think twice, as filial love had completely overpowered her decision. Charlotte agreed to whatever it would take to save her twin brother. Being a perfect match, it worked.

Opting to admit Brian in the early stages of his illness to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital was the first wise step on his parents’ part.

Today, when you see the two lovely twins, all smiles, and their heads crowned with shiny hair, we see a story with a happy ending!

Watch the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago video below!