Twitter Lays Out Plan for Banning Political Ads

By NTD Newsroom

Twitter laid out its plan for banning political ads as presidential candidates look to gain exposure for their 2020 election campaigns. The ban also restricts ads that advocate for a certain outcome on social or political causes.

Twitter said last month that it would ban political advertising.

It defines political content under its policy as anything that references “a candidate, political party, elected or appointed government official, election, referendum, ballot measure, legislation, regulation, directive, or judicial outcome.”

Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said he feels political reach should not be something that can be purchased through ads.

Rival Facebook, saying it did not want to stifle political speech, has steadfastly refused calls to follow Twitter’s lead, and said it would not vet political ads on its site.

The ban is expected to take effect on Nov. 22  and includes ads from political candidates, political parties, or government officials themselves.

Twitter said it will use a combination of automated technology and human teams to enforce the new ad policies.