UK, Europe News Brief (Feb. 1): Johnson: Keep Foot on ‘Throat of Beast’

New cases of COVID-19 in the UK hit a seven-week low, but community cases of the South African variant are triggering mass testing in eight areas. Prime minister Boris Johnson says he can’t give concrete dates for lockdown lifting as the infection and hospitalization rates are still very high.

The pandemic is impacting our daily lives, and how we handle death. Funeral workers in East London told NTD’s Jane Werrell what it’s been like to support those who’ve lost their loved ones.

After just one month of post-Brexit trading, British logistics expert Jon Swallow sees exports dive, prices rise, and more overload in general.

Riot police broke up protests across Russia in support of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Over 5,000 people were detained.

Hong Kong residents can now apply for a new visa to become British citizens. A migration expert reveals that applications have increased by 30 to 50 percent.

Facial recognition technology is gaining ground in France’s police force. But it has some people and institutions worried. Our France correspondent David Vives met with an expert who says the situation could soon resemble that in china.

Concerns over theft of intellectual property may stop thousands of Chinese academics and researchers from being allowed to enter the UK.

On the morning of Jan. 31, Parisians saw about 700 vintage and classic vehicles during the 21st winter Paris crossing.