UK, Europe News Brief (Jan. 28): Expert: New Communism in Western Countries

A French author believes high finance and Big Tech are influencing politics, leading Western countries into a new kind of communism.

A UK lawmaker highlights forced organ harvesting in parliament after an amendment to the medicines bill, which she calls “only the beginning.”

A Russian court orders Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny to be kept in jail. Navalny says people are not afraid.

Poland’s government puts into effect a constitutional court decision with a near-total abortion ban as conservative policies increasingly take root in one of Europe’s most devout Catholic countries.

England is looking for the country’s first-ever rangers to look after European bison which are being re-introduced to the southeast—more than 15,000 years after they became extinct in Britain.

Ukrainian Alexei Novikov won the title of the world’s strongest man last year and now not long after, he sets a new record.