‘Ultimately, It’s About Control’: James Gorrie on CCP’s Clampdown on Big Tech

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
October 2, 2021China in Focus

In this special episode, we sat down with James Gorrie, a blogger, filmmaker, and author of “The China Crisis.” He touched on China’s clampdown on Big Tech, the Evergrande crisis, and the energy shortage in China.

Gorrie said about China’s clampdown on Big Tech: “Ultimately, it’s about control. And China’s run by the Chinese Communist Party [CCP], obviously, run by a cadre of top echelon people and they’re all about control … it’s a state-run enterprise, as it were, and they’re clamping down on these tech folks like Jack Ma, for example, because for a number of reasons, he’s threatened the state. He threatened the validity of the state. He pointed out that their financial system and their banks around like, you know, the pawnshop mentality.”

He went on to say: “Jack Ma looked and behaved and had huge events like he’s a rock star and dressed like a rock star. There’s only room for one rock star in China, and it’s not Jack Ma.”

As for why China is clamping down on Big Tech, Gorrie said, “I just think that the CCP is afraid of technology, technological heroes because they represent a threat to their power and intelligence community.”

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