Undersea Cables Cut Near Taiwan Might Be Test for How Taiwan Responds: James Fanell

We hear a lot about communication through satellites, like Elon Musk’s Starlink. But little known is how much of what gets transmitted along the bottom of the ocean, even though a whopping 95 percent of our internet traffic passes through the deep-sea superhighways.

And it’s not just communication, the banking sector, the command and control of military forces, and diplomatic initiatives all rely on undersea cables.

So, what happens when a foreign adversary tries to manipulate them?

This is what some experts say recently happened near Taiwan: Two undersea cables close to Taiwan’s Matsu island were severed, isolating the island from the outside world. But is there really something sinister happening behind the scenes?

NTD hear from James Fanell, retired U.S. Navy captain and former director of intelligence for the U.S. Pacific fleet, for details.


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