US Counters China’s Water Exploitation

Wenhui Xu
By Wenhui Xu
January 1, 2021China in Focusshare

Beijing launched a new huge dam project that will impact India. More and more countries are feeling the effects of China’s manipulation of natural flowing water. The communist regime targets rivers that have upstream flow in China and downstream flow in other countries. Countries alongside the Mekong river have suffered at the hands of China for years. India is likely to be next, since China is planning to build dams upstream on a major river that flows through India.

The United States has stepped forward to counter Beijing’s behavior. The state-funded project uses satellites to track water levels and detect surface wetness at Chinese dams on the river. Other participants of the project include Washington-based Stimson Center, a global think tank that operates the virtual water gauges, and Eyes on Earth, a U.S. land surface data provider.


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