US Navy Submarines to Get Tomahawk Missile Upgrade

NTD Newsroom
By NTD Newsroom
December 6, 2023China in Focus

America’s submarines getting an upgrade as early as next year.

The Navy is getting ready to arm them with a variation of the Tomahawk missile, called the “Maritime Strike” version—the usually ground-based weapon was modified to target enemy ships.

It comes with a new guidance system and according to senior research fellow Brent Sadler at the Heritage Foundation, touts a thousand-mile range.

The upgrade is slated to further strengthen maritime defenses. The United States aims to counter China’s larger fleet by advancing superior American technology. That’s especially as the United States looks to deter a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

The Navy plans to fit the missiles on surface ships in the future.

The upgrades are expected to be sent out in September.

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