US ‘Nuclear Umbrella’ May Cover Taiwan

Weapons of mass destruction could soon be part of a plan to protect Taiwan.

Recent comments from Taiwan’s foreign minister seem to suggest just that: Taiwan could be under the U.S. ‘nuclear umbrella.’

“I think it’s unacceptable for Taiwan that any country would want to use nuclear weapons to threaten us. And because of that, we have been in talks with friendly countries that have similar pursuits. As for the discussions we had with the United States, it’s inappropriate for me to give details.”

The U.S. has agreements to retaliate in kind if allies come under nuclear attack.

For decades, the U.S. nuclear umbrella has shielded Japan, South Korea, and Australia as well as New Zealand and all NATO member countries.

The reported proposal is getting mixed reactions, with some saying it would help boost Taiwan’s security while others voice caution.

Taiwan has pledged not to develop weapons of mass destruction and would largely be reliant on overseas help if China attacked.

If Taiwan were to come under the U.S. nuclear umbrella, it would mean Washington could respond in kind to a nuclear attack. but, it does NOT include deploying atomic weapons on the island.

China meanwhile has been expanding its nuclear arsenal with more than 400 warheads.

Beijing has repeatedly threatened to take over Taiwan, with force if necessary despite communist China having never ruled Taiwan.


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