US Sanctioning China for Biotechnology

Tiffany Meier
By Tiffany Meier
December 17, 2021China in Focusshare

U.S. lawmakers are asking NBC to do its part when broadcasting the Beijing Olympics and avoid spreading Chinese propaganda. The station has also been urged to include the communist regime’s human rights abuses.

The president of Purdue University is asking those who suppress freedom on campus to “continue their education elsewhere” after a student was allegedly harassed by Chinese students after he spoke out about Chinese politics.

Chinese authorities revoke a famous human rights lawyer’s license. He has a history of representing cases that have touched Beijing’s nerves.

The United States is slapping sanctions on more than 40 Chinese companies. Among them is the world’s largest drone maker and supplier to several law enforcement agencies.

Taiwan is holding its fourth-ever referendum. But as citizens prepare to visit the polls, a report suggests Beijing may be getting its hands dirty.

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