US Signs 3 Pacific Island Deals Amid China Influence

Washington just signed deals with three island nations in the region in effort to counter Beijing’s growing influence. Those are with Papua New Guinea, Palau, and Micronesia.

That’s after the Solomon Islands and Beijing signed a secret deal last year that took Washington by surprise.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken meeting Papua New Guinea’s prime minister James Marape, both signing a security pact Monday.

“We are deeply invested in the Indo-pacific because our planet’s future is being written here. Papua New Guinea is playing a critical role in shaping our future.”

The agreement would expand the Pacific island nation’s capabilities and make it easier for the U.S. military to train with its forces.

They also struck a separate agreement on increasing maritime surveillance of Papua New Guinea’s exclusive economic zone through U.S. Coast Guard patrols, protecting its economy from illegal fishing.

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