Venezuelans endure nationwide anti-government protest

Venezuelan opposition supporters were chanting against President Nicolás Maduro on Monday (April 10). People went into the streets to protest an economic crisis that resulted in shortages of basic goods and soaring inflations.

Sustained protests follow Friday’s news that opposition leader Henrique Capriles has been banned from politics for 15 years on accusations of mismanaging government funds. Capriles narrowly lost the 2013 presidential election to Maduro and the opposition was hopeful Capriles will defeat Maduro in next year’s presidential election. Capriles is only the latest in a series of prominent politicians who were disqualified by Maduro from running for president.

Thousands of Venezuelans are occupying the streets and demanding democratic processes be respected. They are leading the first continuous wave of anti-government demonstrations in three years, with nationwide protests in the past 10 days.