Venezuelans Want Foreign Military Intervention: Survey

By Miguel Moreno

A survey released on May 6 shows that 90 percent of Venezuelans want to oust their socialist dictator, Nicolás Maduro. And another 90 percent think that it cannot be done without help from a foreign military.

The report was released less than a week after the legitimate interim leader of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, began the “final phase” if his plan to oust the dictator. But he failed, and the march was suppressed by armored vehicles and brutality.

The survey by Meganálisis also showed that 90 percent of people think Maduro will not transfer his power peacefully. However, the United States’s secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, told CNN that the United States is looking for a peaceful solution.

And like the 1,200 participants in Meganálisis’s study, Guaidó was asked by the BBC if he wants foreign military to intervene.

‘That is a very important question’

“I, as the president in charge of the national parliament will evaluate all necessary options,”Guaidó told the BBC. Guaidó said that currently there are only two things interfering with Venezuela: Cuba and Russia.

He said Cuba gathers intelligence and counter-intelligence of his armed forces, and Russia has military jets in Venezuela. For these reason he said it would not only be wise, but also responsible to consider all options.

The survey indicates that 88 percent of Venezuelans believe Cuba and Russia intervene with and control their country.

Maduro was persuaded to stay in Venezuela by Russia just moments before he left the country, according to John Bolton, the United States’s National Security advisor. And Russia had a partner: “The Russians are all over this; the Cubans are all over this,” Bolton said in an interview with Fox News, on May 1.

In response to the interference, President Trump threatened Cuba on Twitter: “If Cuban Troops and Militia do not immediately CEASE military and other operations for the purpose of causing death and destruction to the Constitution of Venezuela, a full and complete … embargo, together with highest-level sanctions.”

President Trump told Fox Business that the United States has a lot of options for dealing with Venezuela.