Vibrant Spring Blossoms to Mesmerize You: Yangpyeong-gun

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April 26, 2018Travel
Vibrant Spring Blossoms to Mesmerize You: Yangpyeong-gun

Korea has clear four seasons; among them, spring is most salient. In spring, one can feel spirits put the life into everything and experience the sprout of lives in all its grounds.

In Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do Province, one can know why the spring time in Korea is beautiful. Known well for its clear water and wonderful scenery, Yangpyeong-fun is considered one of the tourist attractions, where a visitor coming to Korea must stop by. Especially, its condition becomes highest, as spring comes.

1. Yanpyeong Sansuyu Festival and Hanu Festival
We recommend Sansuyu Festival to those wanting to keep feel of spring forever. Sansuyu means ‘Eternity’ in the language of flowers; keep it in mind, if one wants to have the moment of eternal love.

Over 7,000 100-old-cornelian cherries gather in Nae-ri and Jueup-ri, Gaegun-myeon which are Sansuyu Village. One can see every March or April that this village turns yellow with flowers to create interesting scenes.

Also, Hanu Festival, where its visitors can eat ‘Hanu in Yangpyeong-gun for clear water’, and the marketplace, where various local dishes can be enjoyed including Sansuyu Makgeoli, are held through the above landscape.

A loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds. Yangpyeong-gun has much more attractions than seeing a flower. The tracking course along the flower way and ‘Yangpyeong Hanu (Korean native cattle)’, a special production of Yangpyeong-gun which one can meet along the way, have made Sansuyu Festival more perfect.

In other words, his/her travel will deepen, if one walks with his/her family or lover along the flower way, which turns yellow with Sansuyu blossomed, and becomes comfortable in body and mind by eating ‘Yangpyeong Hanu’, a special production of Yangpyeong-gun.

2. Semiwon Garden

NTD PhotoSemiwon Garden

One can’t forget Semiwon Garden, once he/she visits Yangpyeong-gun. The picturesque scenery of Semiwon is mainly due to its water.

One can feel the beauty of spring with the five senses in Semiwon, a garden for flowers and water. Actually, it was named after the words of Jangja, ‘Gwansusesim Gwanhwamisim(觀水洗心 觀花美心)’ which means ‘cleanse the mind as you see water, while make the mind beautiful as you see flowers.’

Specifically, Spring Flower Zone, where many spring flowers (for example, tulips, narcissuses, hydrangeas, Kochia and Brazilian Jasmine) are planted by zone, offers the opportunity to enjoy various appearances of spring in Semiwon at once.

However, one makes a mistake, if one thinks that flowers bloom only in spring. Semiwon has various aquatic plants including lotus; thus, it is decorated with lotus-themed pictures and poets to offer attractions in four seasons. If visiting Semiwon, one can watch, ponder and feel what one enjoys (including lotus).

One should take Dongdong Canoe after completing the visit to Semiwon. Going canoeing in a quiet riverside can increase the sense of closeness between lovers and within the family. If ones row to their rhythm on the canoe and have a talk, a romance rises between them.

3. Dumulmeori

NTD PhotoDumulmeori

Dumulmeori, one of the famous places in Yangpyeong, is well known to be a place and especially a wedding place for lovers.

Its name, ‘Dumulmeori’, means the joint of Bukhangang (Bukhan river) flowing from Mt. Geumgang and Namhangang (Namhan river) from Geomnyongso Pond at the base of Geumdaebong in Gangwon-do.

As wet fog and sunrise in the early morning, Hwangpo sail boats and over 400-year-old zelkova trees come together in Dumulmeori, Yangsu-ri, one can’t take his/her eyes off its scenery in four seasons. Selected as one of the top 100 Korean tourist attractions, Dumulmeori is also the Korean representative eco-tourist site where tens of thousands of tourists have come at home and abroad, as it is widely known as a filming location for various dramas and movies.

4. Wild Vegetable Bibimbap (Sanchae-bibimbap)

NTD PhotoWild Vegetable Bibimbap

Everyone can enjoy lots of fresh vegetables and herbs in Yangpyeong. Sannamu Dume Scent is the first wild flower theme park in Korea to provide wild edible greens and flowers on a large scale. Located on the clean area in Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun where one can enjoy the wonderful natural environment with green mountains and clear water, this theme park has various rare wild edible greens (for example, Alpine leek, Edible aster and Thistle) grown based on eco-friendly technologies.

‘Phew’, a greenhouse garden in the park, has theme gardens (including Sodam garden and Choji garden) where its visitors can experience fragrant wild flowers and various plants. Also, it helps visitors to make their bodies and minds more comfortable, when they follow one of its trails (including Birch Path, Therapy Path and Meditation Path), which have their own story, in the forest.

‘San’, a restaurant in Dume Scent, provides different dishes based on wild edible greens grown in Yangpyeong-gun. Its popular menus are ‘Dume Scent Bibimbap’ with plenty of different wild edible greens and vegetables and ‘Dume Scent Set Menu with Soybean Paste Stew’ characterized by the savory smell.

For reference, remember that one must eat Bibimbap, if one visits Korea. It is a Korean traditional food – various vegetables are put on top of rice with source (jang) and mixed together to eat. Above all, Bibimbap in Yangpyeong-gun, of which the wild herbs and vegetables are considered the best in Korea, has the incredible freshness.

5. Cycle Lane

NTD PhotoYangpyeong Cycle Lane

Yangpyeong Cycle Lane gives a present of dramatic memory to its visitors.

It runs along a river with wonderful surroundings, keeping alive former old facilities (including railroads, way stations and Bukhangang Iron Bridge).

Especially, its landmark, Bukhangang Iron Bridge, has maintained its trusses as they are and emphasized natural beauty by laying natural lumbers on its bottom. Also, transparent reinforced glasses are installed on its four corners to provide the unique experience of seeing the river going under it.

According to night bicycle riders, Yangpyeong mixes well with the nature and becomes very refined and elegant, as it introduced public design concepts such as flower path, wooden tunnel, safety fence and fingerpost.

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