Victorian Illusion Technique Recreates Waltz at Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace

LONDON—An immersive experience in the Palace Ballroom recreates a waltz from the 1850s at this year’s summer opening of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II opened the exhibition about her great great grandmother, Queen Victoria, on July 17. It opens to the public on July 20.

The exhibition marks 200 years since Queen Victoria’s birth, and evokes the music, life and colour during her reign.

Items on display include Queen Victoria’s supertunica, a golden gown she wore at Westminster Abbey for her coronation.

Although not known as a caring mother, she kept mementos from her 9 children, like a casket filled with their baby teeth, and casts of their arms and legs.

Visitors can experience the atmosphere of the 1850s in the ballroom, where a Victorian illusion technique recreates a watercolour painting from the end of the Crimean War.

Unfortunately, after the premature death of her beloved Prince Albert, Queen Victoria didn’t enjoy waltzes like she used to, as she plunged into mourning for the next 40 years.