Video: Body Bags In Funeral Van at Wuhan Hospital

By NTD Newsroom

A local resident at China’s coronavirus outbreak epicenter filmed body bags piled up in a funeral home van—and got arrested for releasing the video. Be warned—some people may find the images distressing.

At first, local resident Fang Bin saw 3 body bags piled inside the van at the city’s number 5 hospital.
“Jeez, so many dead bodies, three, three body bags, bodies inside.”

Fang Bin then went to the inpatient department. Three minutes later, he returned to the van and found 5 more bodies.

“I filmed the body bags inside the van of Wuchang Funeral Home just a while ago, now there’s even more. There were only three body bags, now let me count … body bags … 12345678, eight body bags, jeez.”

Fang Bin later went inside the hospital and saw a man dying on a hospital bed with his distressed son out of breath from grief.

Bin’s video went viral, but later the same day, the police arrived and arrested him.

Before being taken away, Bin quickly posted videos he took of the arrest online. He was released around midnight—After his videos began getting global attention.

This month, Chinese funeral associations and several funeral companies are asking for help.

A funeral home staff member told The Economic Observer that body bags and other supplies are in short supply, raising questions about the reported death toll.