Video of Brutal Attack Ignites Nationwide Uproar

Nearly 150 companies could get delisted from U.S. markets—if they fail to follow audit rules.

Nike becomes the latest Western company to retreat from China. Its Run Club App is soon going offline for users in the country.

A brutal attack on women sparks national outrage. An expert says it’s far from a one-off incident, and blames it on what he calls a systemic problem.

Virus restrictions return to Beijing, after hundreds of COVID-19 infected cases were discovered—all linked to the same bar. Protests break out.

New issues arise in Hong Kong. English teachers there are being asked to swear allegiance to the Chinese regime, even if they’re from the United States, the UK, or other foreign countries.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Nearly 150 Chinese Companies Face Delisting in U.S.
  2. Nike to Shut Down Run Club App in China
  3. Video of Brutal Attack Ignites Nationwide Uproar
  4. Shanghai Business Owners Protest Virus Restrictions
  5. Swaths of Beijing Protestors Call to Lift Bans
  6. Hong Kong: Gov’t Eng Teachers Must Take Oath
  7. China Delays Launch of New Aircraft Carrier
  8. China Breaks Ground on Naval Base in S. China Sea
  9. Chinese TV Found Guilty of OFCOM Rules Violations
  10. Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ Will Not Play in 14 Countries

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