Viral Video Shows Father Making Son Destroy PlayStation 4

By Zachary Stieber

To teach his son a lesson, father Tre Cosby decided to make him destroy his PlayStation 4.

The resulting video has circulated widely across social media websites.

Cosby opens the video explaining, “Hey world, once again, these kids and their electronics. They don’t wanna act right, so guess what? My youngest is gonna get his PlayStation demolished.”

“But guess what? This time I’m not gonna do it,” Cosby added.

Cosby puts the PlayStation 4, which currently retails for $300 to $400, into two white garbage bags and calls for his son, Tracy, while walking downstairs.

Cosby finds his son, Tracy, wearing a shirt about Fortnite, a popular game, and tells him what’s about to happen.

“You was watching YouTube videos again this morning on PlayStation. What did I tell you next time was gonna happen? Did I tell you your PlayStation was gonna get it?” Cosby said.

“Talk to the camera, tell them how you don’t listen.”

An attendee walks past the PlayStation logo during the Tokyo Game Show on Sept. 20, 2018. (Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

Cosby and his son go outside and the PlayStation is placed on a concrete pad as Tracy begins to cry.

Cosby tells his son “I don’t want to hear it” as he hands him a crowbar. “Beat it up. You better hit it,” the father said.

At one point, Cosby grabs a large rock and throws it at the console before trying to make Tracy take the rock and drop it himself onto the PlayStation. When it proves too heavy for the boy, Cosby grabs the rock and drops it again.

“It’s getting cracked up pretty good now,” Cosby said. He handed the boy the crowbar again and told him to “keep on beating it.”

Displeased that his son can’t manage to beat the console with the crowbar, Cosby then places it on the ground right behind his car and reverses right into it. The father then exited the vehicle, grabbed the console, and slammed it on the ground.

Playstation, computer game
A boy plays a PlayStation on Aug. 17, 2005. (Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)


Social media users had mixed reactions. Some praised Cosby while others said he shouldn’t have destroyed the expensive console.

“I would’ve taken the ps4 and lock it away for a few weeks. he would’ve learned!!” said one YouTube user.

“Ain’t nothing better than traumatizing your kid for life,” added another.


“My kids don’t get electronics until they finish homework. Period. I am right there to help them if they need it. Also, can’t imagine destroying something that can easily be locked away until they (im)prove themselves. I mean, if I paid money for that I’m not gonna destroy it. Also, you just ruined what is pretty good leverage over a kid to behave & do their homework,” added another.

“Why not of sold it and put the money in a pot until he does better And then if he does he can get a new one,” added yet another.

“This is just sad. I would never do this to my son. Probably about 5% of people would agree with what you’ve done here but I don’t think anyone agrees with you posting it online. What in the world does this prove? You’re a really tough guy for doing this to your son,” added another.

“This is the best way dude. PS4 is the asset of parent not son. Of course, parent can break it. much better than punch his face. I like this from Japan,” said another.