VOICE offers solace to victims of crimes by illegals

Homeland Security launched an office for American victims of immigrant crime on April 26.

Called VOICE, Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement, the new service will provide immigration status updates on illegal immigrants who committed crimes, to the victims of those crimes.

“We are giving people who have been victimized by illegal aliens for the first time, a voice of their own,” said Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly at the official announcement.

“All crime is terrible, but these victims as represented here are unique,” Kelly continued. “They are casualties of crimes that should have never taken place, because the people who victimized them should never have been here in our country.”

Through VOICE, people injured by illegals will be able to follow the trail of justice as it unfolds. Hopefully they will feel safer knowing that the person who injured them has been sent away and can no longer do harm.

President Trump promised to be tough on illegal immigrants. VOICE is one part of his program.

While some protest that studies show that immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens, there are still some illegals who commit crimes, and the victims of those crimes now have somewhere to turn for information.

“We can never fully heal these families, but we give them a voice,” Kelly told reporters.

“Victims of crimes of illegal aliens and their families have suffered tremendously and this is their resource. It’s for them. They have been ignored and often without a voice and as I said before that ends today,” he said.