Waiter steps up for the dignity of a ‘Special Needs Child’

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January 10, 2017Stories
Waiter steps up for the dignity of a ‘Special Needs Child’

All human beings need to be treated equally and with honor. Read on how a waiter did his bit to stand up for his ‘special’ customer when a family tried to insult him.

Kim Castillo and her son were regulars at the Laurenzo’s restaurant in Houston, TX.  When they entered the restaurant, the staff greeted them warmly.  They found a vacant table across where another family were sitting and were seated.  The head of the family across from them suddenly did something extremely upsetting to all concerned.

According to Trending News Portal, the man ordered his family to get up and move away from Kim and her special needs son to another corner of the restaurant.

“We were sitting there and all of a sudden I noticed that the family across from us got up and moved to the back of the restaurant,” Kim said according to the report. “I thought, I wonder if they’re moving because of us?”


Source: Screenshot of video on Trending News Portal

Apparently, the man was uncomfortable having his family close to a special-needs child.

Michael Garcia, a server at the said restaurant, noticed what the man did,  but ignored it, as he felt it wasn’t a big deal—until the man said out aloud: “Special-needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

Garcia was overcome with emotion.  “It was very disturbing. My personal feelings just took over and I told this man, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t serve you.’”

Humiliated and angry, the man walked out of the restaurant with his family.

Kim said:  I am just so impressed it feels so good that somebody would stand up for another human being.”

This story went viral,  and Michael Garcia  received endless congratulations from everyone for standing up for the little boy.

“It upset me because he’s only a 5-year-old little boy. He’s an angel. He’s precious!” Garcia said.