Waitress receives a massive $3000 tip, but it comes attached with ‘3 conditions’

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January 8, 2017Stories
Waitress receives a massive $3000 tip, but it comes attached with ‘3 conditions’

It is extremely heartbreaking when a tragedy befalls a family. You then make certain choices where you either breakdown or you decide to give a new meaning to your life. Richard Specht chose to do the latter. 

Read on how Richard, after losing his 2-year-old son in a drowning accident, gets going with life.

When in 2012, Richard Specht lost his beloved son Rees, he was heartbroken. With the help of a supporting community, he managed to turn the tragedy into something more meaningful.


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Such a tragedy can get anyone to totally break down.  But Specht and his wife stayed calm and positive.  They established the ‘ReesSpechtLife” Memorial Scholarship.  It was a  “Pay it Forward” in loving memory of their darling son.  This was to spread the message of love, compassion and caring in the community without actually looking for any kind of fame or name in the process.  The giver had to remain anonymous.

But the Spechts could never have imagined how this entire mission would evolve.


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It so happened that one day, at a diner in Times Square, one customer decided to leave a huge tip of $3,000 for a bill of $43 for the waitress.  That would make it a tip of around 7,000 percent. 

Imagine the waitress’ shock and delight on such a windfall!

But then… the waitress had a look at the back of the credit card slip.  The customer, who insisted on remaining anonymous, had scribbled out three conditions.


Photo source: Shareably

According to Shareably he had written…

“Thank you for your kindness and humility. My teacher in middle school had such a difficult experience a few years ago, which has sparked me to do this. My only requirements are:

1.) Go to ReesSpechtLife.com and learn!

2.) Don’t let “Pay it forward” end with you.

3.) Since it’s about the idea and not about you, or me, if you decide to share this, don’t use either or our names!

Thank you for being around for all of my shows on and off Broadway. I hope that someday someone gives as much love and happiness into the world as you do.”

The waitress then went ahead and tracked down Specht to share the unbelievably generous act of her customer.  When Specht took a look at the slip, he was shocked as he recognized the handwriting. It belonged to one of his students he had taught nearly ten years ago. He remembered how this boy would often spend some time talking to him.  Specht was so touched to know that his student’s still thought of him warmly after so many years.

 “To think that someone I had taught a decade ago would honor my little boy, or even remember his eighth-grade science teacher in such a way, blows me away,” Specht said.

Such is the power of “Paying it Forward”. 

You want to remain anonymous after a kind deed?  Well, sometimes, if you deserve the recognition, even you cannot stop it however hard you may try!