Washington State Plagued by Data Breaches

Washington State has been plagued by major data breaches this year. One cyberattack targeted multiple state agencies a month before the election. The Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEICU) is a non-profit dedicated to election integrity.

WEICU is currently looking at how these security breaches can potentially undermine election systems. The director believes elections are at risk if hackers can obtain voter information or break into the election data system.

Tamborine Borreli, director of WEICU, said: “We received a whistleblower voicemail alerting us to a, ‘massive security breach’ the last week of September, this year, prior to the general election, that affected DSHS, which is our state’s food stamp program, as well as DCYF, as well as department of revenue, and most importantly, WATech, which is the organization in charge of protecting our elections.”