’We Are Endowed by These Rights by Our Creator’ Says Former Business Owner


Boyd Morgenthaler, former owner of AMC Engineers, attended a Shen Yun performance at Atwood Concert Hall in Anchorage, Alaska, on April 27. He was moved by the meaning and depth of the performance.

“It’s a story about humanity, and it’s a story about tyranny, and it’s a story about faith,” he said. “When you believe that there’s a power greater than man, then you can associate and you can gain strength with other people who believe the same thing.”

Shen Yun cannot be seen in China. One reason is its depiction of a spiritual meditation group called Falun Gong. Practitioners there are still being persecuted for their beliefs.

“The struggle goes on because I think there are higher values to be gotten than just following allegiance to any totalitarian, communist regime,” said Todd Heyworth, a senior civil engineer at HDR.

“In each of us, there’s a struggle. And that struggle is defined enlightenment and consciousness through harmony. And to reach out through our fellow man. We’re just passing through this on a journey to somewhere, to heaven, and so we’re here to learn lessons about each other, about love, about peace,” said Heyworth.

“We are endowed by these rights by our Creator,” said Morgenthaler. “And that is an extraordinarily powerful tool. Because with that tool, we work together and we recognize tyranny and we can fight against it, we can organize against it. And even in a dark moment, we see that there’s light. That’s what you did, and that’s what you said. And I truly appreciate it, it is beautiful.”

“It makes me feel like we all have a good human connection, the entire human family. And it makes me good, feel good about the possibility of future,” said John Norman, a lawyer and commissioner for Alaska.

“I’m sure it will have a long impact on me. I’ve given much to think about. I’m sure in coming months, I will have much I will carry in my head away from this culture,” said Norman.

“At one time we had a direct communication with God, with the Creator, and that has been very dulled by Western technology, by everything in our lives. We separate further from the divine,” said Heyworth. “When we are able to watch and learn in the movements, then there’s something transmitted back to us from the divine. And that can be used to wake us up.”

“It’s an excellent program and a lot of beauty and good values, so I think it’s good for all ages,” said Stephen Ellis, owner of Stewart’s PhotoShop.

“I love the way it’s put together,” said Rick Mystrom, former mayor of Anchorage. “I love the short introductions of each event and how it reflects on the dynasties and the dancing is spectacular. It’s really good. And Anchorage is proud to have you here.”

NTD News, Anchorage, Alaska