WHO Aspiring to Control, Manipulate People’s Behavior in Next Pandemic: Trevor Loudon

WHO Aspiring to Control, Manipulate People’s Behavior in Next Pandemic: Trevor Loudon
Trevor Loudon, researcher and host of "Counterpunch," in a still from an undated NTD video. (NTD)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is dominated by communist and socialist sympathizers and is studying how to manipulate people’s behavior, according to anti-communist activist, researcher, and EpochTV host Trevor Loudon.

“The WHO has a behavioral modification unit,” Loudon said in an interview with The Epoch Times on Thursday. Loudon explained that the behavioral modification unit means to “use psychology to manipulate people into following mandates, accept vaccines, etc.

He explained his misgivings about the WHO’s mass-manipulation efforts, as well as his concerns that the organization is led by socialists, communists, and ideological allies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“[WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus] was a former leader of Ethiopia’s pro-Chinese Communist Party, who got involved with the Chinese through the Belt and Road initiatives in Ethiopia,” Loudon said. Ghebreyesus served as Ethiopia’s health minister under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, a leader of the communist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Loudon also pointed out the involvement of Susan Michie, a WHO official and a member of the Communist Party of Britain.

Michie is the chair of the WHO’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioral Insights and Sciences for Health. TAG’s stated mission involves “designing and implementing national health policies and programs informed by behavioral insights and sciences.”

“[Michie] advised [former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson] and Britain during the British lockdowns and she was masks all the way—we’re going to have to wear masks forever, maximum lockdowns, zero COVID. She was part of the zero-COVID policy group, which was set up by the British Communist Party’s Morning Star newspaper … that’s where she comes from,” Loudon said.

Behavioral Modification

The WHO has expressed considerable interest in figuring out ways to overcome people’s skepticism of public health recommendations.

“Providing evidence-based advice is central to WHO’s mission, but for that advice to produce results and save lives, we need to better understand the biases and triggers that affect whether or not people act on it,” Ghebreyesus said in a September 2020 statement announcing the formation of the TAG.

In addition to her position with the WHO, Michie is also on the Behavioral Science Policy Research Unit at the UK’s National Institute for Health Research—which advises the United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Care.

Loudon said Michie’s past work in behavioral science has included work on smoking cessation programs in China, and that she had attended psychology conferences in Cuba.

“Her job is to monitor people’s responses and manipulate people’s responses for the next pandemic,” Loudon said.

While Ghebreyesus described the TAG’s effort as one to understand what causes people to oppose the WHO’s health advice, Loudon accused the WHO of playing on people’s fears to get them to embrace policies favored by the Chinese communist regime while ignoring other health advice.

“You’ve got to sell enough fear, have enough carrot, enough stick, to move people in the right direction to accept vaccines,” Loudon said. “So you play on their social conscience.”

Loudon said the WHO goal was to get people “to adopt the policies demanded by the government, but ultimately by the CCP—the CCP is the originator of the zero-COVID policy. They were always against natural therapies, vitamin D, etc. They were always about vaccinations. They were always about lockdowns.”

NTD News reached out to the WHO for comment, but the organization did not specifically respond to the accusations raised by Loudon.

WHO’s Relationship With China

The WHO has come under increased scrutiny following its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the initial COVID outbreak, then National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien alleged that China was slow to provide information about the risks posed by the virus, and it took weeks before a WHO team was allowed to enter the country. However, the WHO’s initial report then praised the Chinese response—while making little mention of the Chinese government’s efforts to suppress critics and whistleblowers.

Loudon accused Ghebreyesus and the WHO of being “a tool of the Chinese Communist Party.”

“And now Susan Michie is going to be controlling the whole world, behaviorally, in the next pandemic,” he said. “The WHO has set policies in place to go around national sovereignty in every country, so that [Ghebreyesus] and Michie can basically dictate health policy to the whole planet in the event of a future health emergency.”

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