Why America Should Defend Taiwan From China; Malcolm Davis Discusses AUKUS in Space

The next phone you buy may cost double if China invades Taiwan because Taiwan’s semiconductor business would be under the Communist Party’s control. They could then leverage economic deals against the United States—with cars, laptops, and others costing way more. It’s not just consumers who would be impacted—the global economy, America’s credibility, and the freedom of the world are on the line.

Next, we are joined by Dr. Malcolm Davis, a defense expert from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, discussing his push for AUKUS in space. AUKUS, an agreement by the UK, the United States, and Australia, is the latest alliance and technology-sharing deal with the three countries—including a new nuclear-powered submarine deal for Australia. But Davis argues that the scope of AUKUS could expand into the extraterrestrial, where a brewing threat over satellites, moon missions, and space weapons could soon become the focus.