‘Glitches’ Discovered in Several Key Swing States

Among several key swing states, evidence of supposed “glitches” in vote counting software have emerged following the election and in recent days.

The Trump Campaign and other right-wing groups speculate these “glitches” transferred votes meant for President Trump over to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Major media outlets reported that these allegations are false.

On CNN, officials from Wisconsin and Michigan said they do not believe anything wrong occurred in their states’ elections.

Fluctuations in the voting numbers reported on election night could indicate otherwise.

According to a Twitter post from a data scientist, Michigan counted almost 150,000 votes within 5 seconds, and less than 6,000 of them were for Trump.

And Virginia’s vote count was reduced by over a hundred thousand votes in the early hours of the morning, from 4:42 a.m. to 5:12 a.m.

The data scientist also told us she found Wisconsin had an average count of 325 votes per second, while Washington hit a peak of 134,366 vote counts per second.

And in one video, what looks to be CNN’s 2020 election coverage showed 20,000 votes in Pennsylvania being transferred from Trump to Biden.