Airline safety announcement gets everyone laughing

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By NTD Newsroom
January 20, 2017Entertainment
Airline safety announcement gets everyone laughing

It is amazing what flight attendants come up with these days, and we bet this airline maneuver will definitely catch your ear. Though, we’re not so sure if it didn’t scare a few of their customers.


Most flights are non-smoking, but this flight attendant found an alternative for their smoking passengers. All you have to do is just go outside…


From the seat belt demonstration to the safety instructions sheet, each flight is typically the same old information. But the flight managed to prompt interest  in the safety instructions cards.

Some hilarious comedian seems to have taken on the job to make this flight’s preparation an unforgettable performance – even to the point of people on board laughing until they almost have their tears running down their faces. At the very least, he should be awarded the most outstanding airline announcer!

Check out the video for yourself, and try not to laugh out loud while watching…