Woman Kills Man Who Broke Into Her House: Officials

By Zachary Stieber

A Texas woman shot dead a man who broke into her house on May 23, officials in Texas said.

The woman was at her house in Kaufman County when she called 911 at about 9:45 a.m., telling a dispatcher that there was a “burglary in progress,” the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office told KHOU.

She said she was asleep when knocking on the front door of the house woke her up. A strange man with an unknown vehicle was at her house so she did not open the door.

She then heard a noise that sounded like her back door being kicked open so she went into a closet, locked it, and dialed 911.

She was talking to a dispatcher when the intruder confronted her, the office said. That’s when she fatally shot him.

When deputies got to the house, they found the man dead.

The office and the Texas Rangers opened an investigation into the shooting. At least five vehicles were outside of the house on Thursday.

According to WFAA, the intruder was later identified as Nikusubila N. A. Makwangwala of Dallas.

According to CBS DFW, charges against the woman were not likely since she was defending herself.

A neighbor, Amanda Baber, told the broadcaster she heard about the shooting.

“I’m like shaking right now. I seriously still can’t believe that this happened. And I heard this morning the helicopters roaring around and I thought it was a little but weird,” Barber said.

“But the fact that you told me it happened so close to here, I mean it’s kind of crazy, feels so country, and it’s pretty much the reason we moved here.”

She added that she was glad to hear that the resident was able to defend herself, saying: “Praise God that she had the means to protect herself and that she had the strength to do it because in situations like that, you can get pretty fearful and tend to clam up and not know what to do.”