Woman Breaks Into Home, Pets Dog, Washes Dishes, and Leaves

By Colin Fredericson

A resident of Hamden, Ohio, found a stranger in her home, but this stranger didn’t steal anything. She washed the dishes, petted the dog, and then left.

The resident told local authorities that the woman, who authorities later identified as Cheyenne Ewing, walked into her home through the back door. She then sat down on the couch, according to a Facebook post from the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office.

“At least she’s a friendly burglar, you know?” said Kevin Jordan, a man who lives next door to the house near where Ewing was arrested, via WSAZ. “I laughed about it at first because I thought somebody was just playing.”

Police received a call that the 31-year-old suspect was knocking on the doors of other residents while they were speaking to the victim. They arrested Ewing and charged her with burglary.

“She didn’t get mad or nothing when they cuffed her up,” Jordan, who has known Ewing for years, told WSAZ. “I think that might have been the best thing that happened to her.”

Ewing seemed to be high on narcotics and gave a false name when Deputy Michelle Thomas first made contact with her. Ewing also said she had been awake for two days straight, according to the Facebook post from the Vinton County Sheriff’s Office.

Vinton County is Ohio’s smallest county by population, with 13,048 residents, according to The county contains no cities.

Vinton County was a victim of the nation’s opioid epidemic, which, in this county, turned into a methamphetamine problem and then a drug crisis, NPR reported.

Hungry Burglar Cooks and Cleans

In 2017 a burglar in Hicksville, NY, cooked food, washed dishes, and even left a $1 tip in a tip jar before leaving Nelly’s Taqueria.

Security camera footage revealed that the burglar even put on food service gloves to prepare a meal, the Associated Press reported.

Will Colon, who discovered the restaurant had been burglarized when he came in the next morning, said the burglar was “cooking up a storm.”

In this case, the burglar also stole cash. He cracked open the cash register and left with the contents, according to the Associated Press.

Colon said the burglar cooked beans, chicken, and shrimp, and that “the dude had some skills.”

After the burglar was finished with his meal, he wiped down the counter, and covered and refrigerated the food that was left over.

South Korean Culinary Burglar

In South Korea, a burglar would break into restaurants for the sole purpose of cooking and eating the food within them. After his meals, he would wash dishes and tidy up, according to The Korea Times.

The man has over 10 convictions for his deeds. Police officers who dealt with the man, surnamed Lee, even once used his illicitly obtained restaurant knowledge as a culinary tip.

“We once offered him Chinese food that we were going to order for delivery while we were investigating him,” a police officer in South Korea who met Lee told Yonhap New Agency, via The Korea Times. “Apparently this guy had sneaked into this Chinese restaurant before and said he saw cockroaches in the kitchen. We never get Chinese food from that place now.”