World Elections 2024: How Will the New Leaders Serve Their People?

It’s not only an election year in the USA. Government shakeups have been happening all around the world in 2024—most recently the European parliamentary elections. In France, the nationalist party dominated the polls, causing the president to call for a snap election. And in Germany, the right-wing alternative party made big gains on the social democrats, which scored their worst ever results. What does this mean for the European Union?

In Latin America, Mexico historically elected a new, female president. How will she handle the government’s relationship with the cartels? And Panama recently elected a new president as well, who people are saying will help combat the chaos caused by the country being an illegal migration superhighway.

In other areas of the globe, South Africa’s ruling party lost its majority for the first time since Nelson Mandela’s victory in 1994. India’s Narendra Modi has been reelected, but his legislature’s power is shrinking. And Iran has an election coming soon after the death of its leader in a helicopter crash. Will it be democratic or draconian?

Who are the world’s newly chosen leaders and how will they serve their people? And is there external interference or influence from the Chinese Communist Party? How will this affect the nations’ relationships with the United States? We’ll explore these questions with our guests.

We’re joined by Jason Poblete, president of Global Liberty Alliance; retired Col. John Mills, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy; and Michal Rachon, host and producer of TV Republika’s Rock Rachon.