Xi: Build Military Into ‘Great Wall of Steel’

“A Great Wall of steel,” said Chinese leader Xi Jinping, revealing what he intends to make China’s military into.

Xi spoke at the closing of China’s annual rubber-stamp parliament meeting. It marked his first appearance since securing his precedent-breaking third term as head of the Chinese Communist Party.

In his speech, Xi emphasized military modernization and development and called on the regime to step up its management and control of both national and public security.

He also said China must achieve greater self-reliance in science and technology. That message comes amid tensions with Washington as it works with allies to block Chinese access to chip-making equipment and other cutting-edge technology.

According to Xi, pro-Beijing nationalism will usher China into the future including bringing Taiwan under mainland Chinese control.

Beijing has boosted diplomatic and military pressure on the island in recent years. Add that to its refusal to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It has sparked fears of a possible war on Taiwan.


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