120-Year-Old Family Store Continues Traditional Craft

By Catherine Wen

On the west side of Manhattan in New York, a small 19th-century store is known for its unique handicraft.

The traditional craft—called chair caning—has a history of hundreds of years.

The store opened in 1899, with this fourth-generation family business being a neighborhood fixture. The inconspicuous store has repaired chairs of every shape and size. Their clients range from auction houses like Sotheby’s or everyday people who wants to have great grandma’s chair fixed .

However, the rapid real estate development in the Hudson Yards neighborhood has sent rents increasing significantly, making it harder for the store to survive.

But Sean Bausert, who manages Veterans Chair Caning says, he will try to keep this “piece of old New York” the way it is as much as possible.

Reporting by Catherine Wen.