3rd Sister Dies After Columbus House Fire

Ohio’s Columbus Division of Fire confirmed another young girl has died after the Hilltop house fire on June 23.

Fire officials said 7-year-old Heaven Roebus passed away on Tuesday morning.

Heaven’s death follows the tragic deaths of her two sisters, 10-year-old Diamond Roebuck and 8-year-old Lariyiah Roebuck. The sisters succumbed to their injuries sustained from the fire, with Heaven the last to leave.

Investigators said the incident has claimed a total of four victims, including the girls’ father, 22-year-old Robert Taylor. Their mother jumped from a second-floor window that night, trying to attract the firefighters’ attention to help search for her daughters. Robert Taylor was found dead on the second floor, the same floor where the girls were discovered.

The grieving family is putting their funeral plans on hold to plan another burial, and the date for the funeral is set to be announced later this week.

According to ABC6, their aunt said, “It’s appropriate that Heaven was the last to let go, true to her fighting spirit until the end.”

A GoFundMe has been started by the family. They warned that other kinds of donations have not been approved after fake donation jars appeared last week asking for contributions.