Biden’s New Commitment to Defend Taiwan? US Oil and Gas Suffers Under New Policies Shifting to Green

President Joe Biden made a shocking statement on defending Taiwan. His team immediately responded, saying nothing changed. But is it really true? This comes as the Europeans clear up their own agreement with Taiwan, upgrading the EU’s relationship with the island. Is someone finally stepping up to tell the Chinese regime “no”? I discuss how the EU and the United States are coordinating an effort to boost Taiwan’s position on the world stage. 

Rising gas prices, inflation, and empty shelves—are these related? I spoke with Jerry Simmons, the president of the Domestic Energy Producer Alliance (DEPA). DEPA represents U.S. energy producers to fight for changes in the current energy policy-shifting to green energy. He discusses how it’s not suitable yet to try for such a move, given the relative harm it costs to the livelihood of Americans. While the administration pushes for green energy, the prices of our oil and groceries were jacked up to almost double. Is there a connection?