British Airways Flight Attendant Suspended After Her Boyfriend Gets in Fight With Pilot

By Samuel Allegri

A flight attendant working for British Airways was allegedly suspended over an apparent fight between a pilot and her boyfriend in a hotel during a stopover. The boyfriend was also on the flight.

The flight attendant has been identified as Natalie Flindall. According to The Sun, she is under investigation. However, other staff members are displeased that the pilot is not going through similar scrutiny.

The outlet wrote that Flindall’s boyfriend reportedly wrestled with the pilot during a stopover in the lobby area at a hotel in Singapore.

Flindall’s boyfriend was allegedly under the effect of alcohol.

“Some of the crew got plastered, allegedly using drinks smuggled off the BA in-flight trolley,” an airline insider told The Sun.

“Natalie had invited her boyfriend on the trip. He was meant to take a back seat and just enjoy the ride.

“But during the stopover in Singapore, he got hammered and ended up fighting with the BA pilot from Natalie’s flight.

“There was a melee, and Natalie’s boyfriend hit out.

“Natalie has ended up paying the price, but crew members want to know why the pilot escaped scot-free,” the insider continued. “He was involved in the trouble too.”

A spokesperson for British Airways told The Sun after the incident, “We expect the highest standard of behavior from our colleagues and will always take the appropriate action.”

According to Fox, British Airways didn’t state if the pilot will be going through an investigation regarding the incident.

Republic Airways Pilot and Co-worker Caught Fighting In Leaked Footage

A pilot and a female co-worker were fired from Republic Airways. A violent exchange between them was caught on a surveillance camera.

The video, obtained by FlyerTalk, shows the male pilot walking across the jetbridge and spitting on the female co-worker. She then slaps him and receives two strikes from the pilot, one in the abdominal area and the other on the head.

The incident happened last month, and William Thomas, 36, and Marisha Sporer, 29, were both fired from their jobs, according to a statement by Republic Airways.

The two were allegedly in an intimate relationship according to TMZ.

“They both agreed to break up, so Thomas went onto the plane and sat in the cockpit and Sporer went to the gate,” stated a probable cause affidavit obtained by ABC News. “Sporer became angry and went onto the plane to confront Thomas. Sporer grabbed Thomas by the necktie and slapped him in the face with an open hand. Thomas retaliated by grabbing Sporer and striking her in the ribs with a closed fist.”

No passengers were on board at the time, and it’s unclear what happened after the incident.

FlyerTalk reached out to Republic Airways, and a spokesperson responded, “We are aware of a situation that occurred last month involving two of our employees. We investigated this matter and took appropriate action consistent with our belief that such behavior is unacceptable. These individuals are no longer employed at Republic.”