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Watch NTD on Local Cable

You can watch NTD through local cable service providers in major cities in the US. We are also available over-the-air across the country. To try our free antenna TV, click here.


Pay TV Providers

Multiple Regions Verizon FiOS TV – CH158 SD *
Click HERE to find out if Fios is available at your home. Frontier FiOS TV – CH659 HD
Greater New York (12pm to 12am) Spectrum – CH1233 HD / CH63,10, 20, or 21 SD
We broadcast 24/7 through all local cable providers in Greater New York. NTD’s channel number may vary from the listed number on the right in your region. Click HERE to find your channel number. FiOS TV – CH518 HD / CH18 SD
Optimum – CH729 HD / CH20 or 117 SD
Comcast – CH794 or 1063 HD / CH63,17,19, 24,or 32 SD
RCN – CH603 HD / CH19 SD
Dish Network – CH63 HD / CH63 SD
DirecTV – CH63
Blue Ridge Cable – CH616 HD / CH18 SD
Service Electric Cable TV – CH548 HD / CH48 SD
Greater Los Angeles Spectrum – CH721 HD / CH 21 SD
We broadcast 24/7 through all local cable providers in Greater Los Angeles. Your NTD’s channel number may vary from the listed numbers on the right.
Go to HERE to find your channel number.
Charter – CH721 HD / CH21 SD
FiOS TV – CH523 HD / CH23 SD
AT&T U-Verse – CH1031 HD / CH31 SD
Cox – CH1023 HD / CH23 SD
Dish Network – CH 31
DirecTV – CH 31
Media Com-CH23
GRF Broadband-CH423 HD / CH23 SD
Greater Washington DC Area Comcast – CH68
Cox – CH1028 HD / CH28 SD
DirecTV – CH68
Dish – CH68
RCN – CH55
FiOS TV – CH33
San Francisco Comcast – CH1091 HD / CH77 SD
Chicago Comcast – CH389 HD
Texarkana, AR Sparklight Cable – CH10
* Broadcast Time: M, W, Th 10AM-10PM, Tu 10AM-9PM, F 10AM-8PM, Sat, Sun 8AM-1PM
Contact your local cable operator or submit a request form here if you don’t get NTD.