China In Focus Full Broadcast (May 16)

Made in China, but qualify for U.S. tax breaks? The Treasury Department’s guidelines on solar panels are raising eyebrows in some sectors. The Treasury says the panels only need to be assembled stateside to make the cut, even if the parts are made elsewhere. Investors are rallying behind the news, but critics warn it will help boost China’s dominance in the sector, rather than U.S. manufacturing.

Topics in this episode:

  1. “Made in USA”: Treasury Details Solar Panel Tax Credits
  2. Hong Kong Leader Responds to China’s Jailing of U.S. Man
  3. Chinese Spies Active in Belgium: Report
  4. Eyewitness in Boston China Spy Case Reveals Story
  5. Two Chinese Police Outposts Active in Germany
  6. China Says Tesla to Update Software for 1.1 Million Cars Over Braking Issue
  7. Russia Opens Major Seaport to China After 163 Years
  8. Russia Denounces Macron Over China Comments
  9. U.S. Should Use Strength to Deal with China: Newsham

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