China in Focus Full Broadcast (May 17)

Apple’s source code and materials used in ballistic missiles—these secrets could soon fall into Beijing’s hands. The Justice Department announced criminal cases against individuals allegedly moving U.S. tech secrets to foreign adversaries like China. Those facing charges were found living in California and hiding out in China. Will the recent slew of criminal charges stem the flow of intellectual property theft?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Apple Engineer Charged over Alleged Data Theft
  2. Pentagon Report on Virus Origins Leaked
  3. China Gains Double from ‘Developing Country’ Tag: Expert
  4. Canada, S. Korea Meet, Agree to Boost Cooperation
  5. Biden Shortens Overseas Trip, a Win for China?
  6. Top Taiwanese Lawmaker Visits U.S. Capitol
  7. Former UK Prime Minister Visits Taiwan
  8. Strengthening Ties to Counter China: Report
  9. Economic Nato ‘Good’ Idea: UK Politician
  10. Former Captain: U.S. Advantage on Russia, China Is at Sea
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