Chinese Communist Party Versus the Free World: Stephen Yates

“This is the China Communist Party versus the free world, including the Chinese people that are at peace with the free world,” warned Stephen Yates, former deputy National Security Adviser at the White House, about the dangers of the communist regime.

In this special episode, we sat down with Stephen Yates, former president of Radio Free Asia, to get his take on the so-called Cold War between the United States and China, the dwindling free press in Hong Kong, and the dangers of the digital world.

Yates warned about the dangers of social media. He said, “social media, in a way, has been a cancer that has eaten away at manners, at the sense of community.”

He also warned that “there is very effective and unhealthy science behind the social media networks that has monetized anger. They exist to make you uncomfortable because you’re more likely to take action on their advertising after you’ve been made uncovered because you will be engaged. If you realize that and you deliberately step out of that universe to try to get other forms of unbiased, unfiltered conversation and thought, I think people will be better off.”

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