Circus lion regains his freedom after 13 years in cage

This is a bitter-sweet story of Will, a lion from Brazil.

Will was born into captivity. For 13 years, he toured with a circus, from cage to stage, city to city.

One day, they put him into retirement and let him play for the first time in an open environment. He was so excited that he just could not control himself. He treasured all his experiences, such as rolling around on the grass, digging in the dirt, rubbing against a tree and many more.

Will savored every moment of his new gained freedom and lived every day as if it were his last, he ended up having five years in his new home before he passed away.

His caretaker said he was one happy lion, though:





Source : Mirror, The Independent, MSN, Ranchos Dos Gnomos, Facebook Page Article: Joyce Sazon