People and Pets Overcoming Adversities

A Happy Cat is Happy No Matter What

A cat named Thorin was born with the balance-affecting disorder hypoplasia, but he still loves life and loves to run and play. He never lets his lack of balance get in the way of having fun.

“He thinks we’re the weird ones and he’s totally normal,” said the uploader of this video.

Boy Meets Dog After They Both Lost Their Legs

An 11-year-old boy named Mahan was forced to have both legs amputated in 2017 after complications from an injury as a toddler. He suffered serious burns after falling into a tub of scalding hot water when he was 2.

Mahan recently learned about rescue dog Chi Chi by watching a video of her online, and the two were able to spend a weekend together.

Chi Chi lost all of her legs, but not her loving character—even after she was abandoned. The dog was rescued and adopted, and she also overcame cancer.

Later, she became a certified rescue dog and was named 2018’s American Hero Dog.

Young Girl’s Wish Comes True

12-Year-Old Ailani Banuelo from Chicago is battling bone cancer.

All she wanted to do was to paddle in the ocean, and her dream came true recently in Florida. She was able to paddle around on a board and swim in the warm ocean water for a short time.

Look at that big smile on her face!