Retired Nurse Gets ‘a Sense of God,’ ‘Great Hope’ From the Article ‘How Humankind Came to Be’

Donna Showalter, a nurse who just retired in December, said she got “a sense of God” and “great hope” from Falun Gong founder Mr. Li Hongzhi’s recent article “How Humankind Came To Be.” She added that by “great hope,” she meant the “hope of faith,” “hope that God is real and that God is what he says he is, and God is present.”

To her, the article “How Humankind Came To Be” offers “great comfort” without sugarcoating the current world. In addition, she said she believes that it will become worse before any improvement. However, she told The Epoch Times that she found hope in the article that “there is something stronger than this evil force.”

“I did not feel that evil was going to win,” she added that it was her overall feeling, although no part of the article said that specifically.

NTD Photo
Donna Showalter. (Courtesy of Donna Showalter)

Moreover, Showalter shared her understanding of God: “I think a lot of people think of God as some obscure old man with a white beard in the sky. And that’s not who God is. God is a force. He’s an energy.”

“That’s a really hard concept to understand because we are kind of stuck in this time thing. We are very linear. But God, I believe, doesn’t know time. God does not have to exist in that realm,” she added. “God is bigger than what we realize. We limit God because we’re limited in our thinking.” She described God as “a benevolent force.”

While reading Mr. Li’s article, she said she felt “this force, this power is present.” “I just got the feeling that he [Mr. Li] really knew God. That’s what the article did for me: he really had a sense of God and a power in that might.”