Woman Finds Box Cutter in Taco Bell Meal

By Paula Liu

When a woman went to order Taco Bell for dinner, she was not expecting it to come with a side of box cutters.

Ashley McNamara recalled that during an evening shift on May 10, one of her co-workers went to a Taco Bell fast-food chain during her break and ordered a Fiesta Taco salad, according to Fox News. McNamara claimed that once her coworker opened the food box back at her desk, she found an item that definitely didn’t belong with her dinner order. Lying next to her food in the food box was a box cutter.

McNamara took to Twitter and posted pictures of her coworker’s food, taken aback by the sight of the dangerous item in the food box.

According to First Coast News, McNamara said that her coworker called the restaurant right away to explained what she had found, and the restaurant replied saying that the existence of the item in her food box was an accident.

“She called them right on the spot and told them what was inside the box and they said, ‘Sorry, it must have fell in the box,'” McNamara said.

In addition, McNamara told the news outlet that after her tweet made its way on to a review group on social media, it got the attention of Taco Bell’s district manager, who then reached out to McNamara and offered her a gift card along with an apology.

First Coast News was given a statement from Taco Bell regarding the incident, stating that the safety of the customer is very important to the restaurant and that the fast food chain was glad that no one was injured from the mishap.

“The safety of our customers and team members is our top priority; we are grateful to hear that no one was injured,” the statement read. “The operator of this location has reached out to the customer to apologize and resolve this accident. Team members at this restaurant will be retrained on proper storage and safety procedures.”

Other Fast Food Mishaps

Eight-year-old Ruby Higgs was eating pizza at Pizza Hut with her grandparents when she started crying, with blood running from her mouth.

Inside her ham and mushroom pizza was an earring and Higgs had bitten into it, the Portmouth News reports.

The Pizza Hut was located in Portmouth in southern England.

”It’s disgusting. She was shocked to have something like that in her food, as you don’t expect anything like that,” said Ruby’s mother, Stacey, who has called for the restaurant chain to launch an investigation, and also ban their employees from wearing jewelry.

“‘They shouldn’t have had it on, all I want is answers and I don’t want it [to] happen again,” Stacey told Portmouth news. “It could have easily been swallowed and it could have stuck in her throat. It could have killed a younger child, which is what frightens me.”

The manager of the store has offered the girl’s family a free meal, and the spokesperson said that it was an “isolated incident,” although stories about sharp objects found in Pizza Hut meals aren’t hard to find.

In March, a British teenager found a chunk of a knife in a pizza he had ordered from the chain, the Metro reports, and in June, Pizza Hut launched an investigation of complaints that a London location was making pizzas that had “nuts and bolts” on it, the Standard reports.

The Epoch Times reporter Johnathan Zhou contributed to this article.