3 Dead, Including Hostage Suspect Who Committed Suicide, at Florida NA Meeting

Three people were killed, including the perpetrator who committed suicide, during a Monday evening Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Florida.

Police officers from the Edgewater Police Department arrived at the scene after receiving reports of a shooting in the area of East Knapp Avenue and North Ridgewood Avenue just after 7 p.m.

The armed suspect stormed into the facility at 515 N. Ridgewood Ave. in Edgewater, which is 80 miles northwest of Orlando and near Daytona Beach. He killed a man and took a woman hostage inside the building. Police say the suspect fatally shot the female hostage and killed himself with the gun later on.

Authorities have not released information regarding the identity of the three people, the manner in which they died, or the motive for murder.

Crossfire between the police and the suspect during a standoff sparked panic that allowed the other attendees to flee the meeting.

“Information was received a male subject was shot and the suspect took a female hostage inside the building,” said Police Chief Joe Mahoney in a statement released by the Edgewater police.

“The remaining participants fled and were not harmed. We attempted to make contact with the suspect to negotiate. However, it was unsuccessful,” Mahoney continued.

“Utilizing our SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team, we breached the building and located 3 deceased. At this time, we believe this is a domestic incident and there is not further danger to the public.”

Highways and streets were shut down in order for law enforcement to gather evidence and conduct the investigation. Local residents have been greatly shaken by the recent incident.

“You never know what can happen in the blink of an eye,” neighbor Nita Adams told Fox 35. “It’s a peaceful neighborhood. Tourists come out for the beach, when something like this can happen, it takes a toll on you.”

This investigation is still currently ongoing.