65-Year-Old Woman Tased While Trying to Fight Police Officer During Arrest

Colin Fredericson
By Colin Fredericson
July 31, 2019USshare
65-Year-Old Woman Tased While Trying to Fight Police Officer During Arrest
Cherry Hill Township Police Officer Patrick Higgins takes part in a taser training session at the Gloucester Township, N.J., on Sept. 25, 2012. (Camden Courier-Post/File via AP)

Bodycam footage emerged of a 65-year-old woman fighting arrest and then getting tased by a police officer in Cashion, Oklahoma.

A police officer stopped Debra Hamil and issued her a ticket for $80 because of a broken tail light, KOCO reported.

“So you don’t even give a warning for this?” Hamil said in a bodycam video obtained by KOCO.

“You’ve been driving around for six months like that,” said the officer.

“Untruthful,” Hamil responded.

“Well I’m not going to give you a warning for something you’ve been driving [around with] for six months,” the officer answered back.

Hamil then refused to sign the ticket. She said she shouldn’t have to pay $80 for something she can fix. The officer then asked her to step out of the car.

Hamil refused, rolled up her window, and kept her doors locked. The officer then told her not to drive away.

“Oh shut up and give me that and I’ll sign it,” Hamil said.

The officer continues to order her to step out of the truck, saying, “We’re beyond that.”

Hamil drives away.

When the officer caught up with Hamil, he drew his gun and ordered her out of the car. He appeared to reholster the weapon, and then went over and pulled Hamil out of the car while she fought him. He brought her down to the ground.

Hamil continued to fight, refusing to be handcuffed and scuffling with the officer. He then tased her.

“Put your hands behind your back!” he yelled.

He is eventually able to get handcuffs on Hamil. He said he is calling for medical help, and then put her in a police vehicle.

“You did not have to taser me,” Hamil told the officer.

“You wouldn’t comply. You wouldn’t get out. And then you tried to kick me. So yes I did,” the officer responded.

“Yeah I tried to kick you because I’m a country girl,” Hamil said.

“And you got tased because of it,” the officer said.

“Yes, and I didn’t like being thrown on the [expletive] ground,” Hamil said.

“Well, next time, listen to what I’m telling you to do,” the officer said.

Hamil was charged with felony assault on a police officer and a misdemeanor for resisting arrest, KOCO reported.

As reports emerged on the incident, the discussion on social media grew intense, mostly revolving around if that much force was appropriate to use on a 65-year-old woman.

“I want to say thank you for a PD that does not show favortism [sic] and responded to the 65yr woman who would not comply with officer no matter what he ordered. She believed she did not have to do what he said: “she was a Patterson girl” who or whatever that is,” wrote Carolyn T Trim, on an unofficial, default Facebook page for the Cashion Police Department. It appears that the department does not have official social media channels.

“The woman was wrong in acting how she did, but the officer caused the incident! A simple warning for a 65-year-old woman probably on a fixed income would have been sufficient! If he knew she had been driving that way for six months as he states why couldn’t he help her instead of escalating the situation? He could have recommended a place to fix or possibly even changed it himself. In days past, when we had good police officers, they used to unlock doors and change tires, especially for the elderly!! As I said before the woman was wrong, but the officer is a pos who needs to be fired. Serve the public,” wrote Jack Proctor.

“I’m assuming she thought given her age discipline was out of the question. Maybe the Patterson’s should have instilled a little respect and manners in her youth, and she wouldn’t have received the treatment she got. The officer handled it well,” wrote John Jones, in a comment under Carolyn T Trim’s post.

“I hope the old lady that one of your Officers threw to the ground sues the crap out of your disgraceful police department. No elderly woman, resisting or not, should ever be manhandled by an officer. I’m sorry, but if you need to throw and tase someone 30 years older than you to get control of them- you need some serious training,” wrote Cody Tench.

It appeared that some of the comments have spilled over to the Facebook page of the Cashion Fire Department, who do have an official Facebook page.

“With the recent events involving the Cashion Police Department, we would like to remind everyone that this is a fire department page. We proudly support all of our local and neighboring law enforcement agencies, Cashion Police Department, Logan County Sheriff’s Office, Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Office, and Oklahoma Highway Patrol. All threats to the fire department will be turned over to law enforcement. #backtheblue #sameteam #thinblueline #thinredline”

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