Businessman: Shen Yun Brings a Beautiful Message


Steve Huang, a Taiwanese-American businessman from Los Angeles, ran into Shen Yun artists during his business trip to Peru.

After the one-in-a-million encounter with the artists in a foreign country, he saw them perform in Florida one week later.

The performance left Huang feeling uplifted.

“Oh, I feel really inspired, like what they want to share from the heart,” said Huang after watching Shen Yun with his friend Shahab Emrani at the Mahaffey Theater in Florida on Feb. 19.

“Chinese has thousands and thousands of years of culture and spirituality, and in one fell swoop went like this and it was gone,” he said in reference to the cultural revolution in China. “And now, it’s great to bring it back and to see it live and thrive and we can bring it back into the culture, all over the world.”

“It’s very aesthetic. I felt light, felt great. Beautiful movements, very, very fluid dances, beautiful music, great singing overall. Perfect. Great job,” said Emrani, a member of the Clearwater Downtown Development Board. “That two-string instrument is beautiful. The wail that it does, it is a very aesthetic sound. The correct word is not a wail, but it’s just very beautiful as if there’s a spirit speaking to you.”

Since ancient times, Chinese people believed that their culture was bestowed by gods. For thousands of years, traditional Chinese art forms such as music and dance have been integrated into people’s lives, expressed in benevolence, beauty, and other virtues.

However, after the communist regime took power, the core of Chinese culture was systematically destroyed.

Huang really appreciates artists’ efforts to restore these ancient values around the world.

“There is a lot of loss in values in terms of going into money and very materialistic things versus the very spiritual parts, which is really important. That’s the basis of how we came about and that’s our past. It’s our culture,” Huang said. “And I think it’s great to bring that back out into the world, and it’s so important.”

Emrani especially loved the spiritual aspect and the message that came through the performance.

“The message is, we are spirits. We live in a materialistic world, but don’t forget, there is a spirit within the world and you that lives on,” said Emrani. “So, bringing on 5,000 years of spiritualism into this world and going around the world and giving out that message is very, very nice. I liked it. It was very aesthetic.”

There’s something that unites Shen Yun artists beyond performing arts. Besides their daily training, these artists are also spiritual seekers on a shared journey.

“I can see the full essence of the being and the spirit, the divine spirit flowing through these young amazing dancers. You can see it flowing through them in how they express themselves. I feel it, I feel inspired,” said Huang.

They both expressed their words of gratitude and encouragement to Shen Yun’s artistic director and all of the artists, and are looking forward to seeing the performance again.

“Keep doing it. We will be back the next time you guys have another one and continue to share all your creativity with the rest of the world,” said Huang.

“I think that the artistic director and the troop portrayed a beautiful message, so my communication is, continue, keep creating,” said Emrani.

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