China in Focus (Jan. 4): ‘Superspreaders’ Appear in Multiple Chinese Cities

A Chinese doctor warns against a new mutation of the virus. But some netizens are concerned he could become the next Dr. Li Wenliang—a whistleblower silenced for his efforts. One insider says there are nearly a hundred times more confirmed cases than reported in a city in northern China.

Chinese authorities are blocking the most vulnerable groups from being vaccinated: the sick and the elderly. It’s a strong contrast to vaccine distribution methods in other countries.

An analyst says China may have sided with the Taliban to create trouble for the United States in Afghanistan. This, on the heels of unconfirmed intelligence that China offered to pay insurgents to kill Americans.

Some power plants’ coal reserves are dwindling while much of China endures electricity shortages.

And authorities in China are taking drastic measures to cut down on coal burning. That includes confiscating the fuel from residents and even filling their heating stoves with cement in the middle of winter.

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