Jerry Jones, Owner of Dallas Cowboys, Buys a $250-Million Superyacht

By Paula Liu

If you had a quarter of a billion dollars right now, how would you spend that money?

Jerry Jones knew exactly what he would do with that money—spend it on a boat. A massive one.

The president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys just purchased a superyacht valued around a quarter of a billion dollars. The superyacht, measuring at 357 feet long, was built by Oceanco, a company dedicated to building world-class customary superyachts.

Oceanco is a company based in the Netherlands, and integrate the use of old Dutch craftsmanship intermingled with modern technology.

The exterior and the interior of the ship were designed by Nuvolari Lenard and Reymond Langton respectively.

This superyacht also utilizes naval architecture and engineering by Lateral Naval Architects.

According to the Superyacht Times, the ship has two helicopter landing pads and a garage for tender. In the interior of the superyacht, it contains a wellness center complete with a sauna, steam room, plunge pool, and a luxurious beach club equipped with its own gym.

The yacht is equipped to accommodate 14 guests, and has a 20-person maintenance crew.

It was completed around the end of 2018, and officially launched on Nov. 18 in 2018. The superyacht was delivered to Jones on Dec. 20, just before the year ended.

A beautiful night shot of the 109m/ 357’7” Bravo Eugenia with the skyline of Rotterdam in the background. The video of Bravo Eugenia’s departure last Wednesday to follow later today. Photo by Tim Paalvast.

Dutch Yachting 发布于 2018年12月21日周五

The superyacht had been given the name of Bravo Eugenia, named after Jones’s wife, Eugenia “Gene” Jones.

Bravo Eugenia is the representation of a new direction taken by Oceanco. According to Oceanco’s press release on their website, they have taken on a new direction called LIFE, which is short for “Lengthened, Innovative, Fuel-efficient, and Eco-friendly.”

According to Lateral’s Managing Director James Roy, the delivery press release states that the LIFE design qualities are a part of the yacht’s DNA, and the Bravo overperformed and exceeded expectations.

“Coupled with her hybrid propulsion system, Bravo delivers exceptional performance and is configured to offer multiple operational modes, each matched to the variable operating profile of a yacht designed to adventure autonomously across the world’s oceans.”

Not only is it fuel-efficient and eco-friendly, the Bravo is also space-efficient. In an earlier press release made by the company, Oceanco, Roy made comments on the technical aspects of the yacht.

“The LIFE design’s use of advanced hybrid propulsion incorporating significant battery capability, combined with a single tier engine room allows novel use of space to deliver areas of outstanding luxury accommodation.”

The yacht was created, according to the company’s new direction, to be fuel-efficient and eco-friendly, and employed something that is on par with the LIFE qualities model—the hybrid propulsion system, and according to Hybrid Marine Solutions, this type of system is made to take the advantages of both kinds of propulsion systems—conventional and diesel-electric—and make them work together to create the best result.

The video of Bravo Eugenia en route to Norway

The footage of Bravo Eugenia leaving the shed and passing Rotterdam en route to Bergen in Norway last Wednesday. Video by The Nautical Lady & @Dutch Yachting.

Dutch Yachting 发布于 2018年12月21日周五

At the beginning of this year, Bravo Eugenia is scheduled to return to Oceanco, in order for the company to apply the finishing touches on to the yacht.

It seems that Jones is rather fond of these luxurious living spaces—in addition to the superyacht, he had a team bus named “The Elegant Lady,” which cost only a fraction of the superyacht, reportedly costing $2 million. The bus was equipped with three couches, nine television screens, coolers packed and concealed behind elegantly crafted doors. The bus also had an inlaid wood flooring, according to Washington Post.

Unfortunately, in 2016, the bus was involved in an accident in Arizona. A vehicle making an illegal turn collided with the bus, killing four people.

Jones, who acquired the Cowboys back in 1989 for $150 million, and since then, the Cowboys have won three Super Bowls. His brand is estimated to be over $6.8 billion, according to Forbes.

The Cowboys are currently worth $5 billion dollars which is, according to Forbes, one of the most valuable NFL teams. They have held that title for 12 consecutive years.