Middle School Principal Showing the Christmas Spirit With Elaborate House Decorations

Paula Liu
By Paula Liu
November 22Home Decorshare

This Fort Herriman Middle School principal’s home is a wonderland for Christmas, filled with interesting decorations. Rodney Shaw is really showing what it means to be in the spirit of Christmas.

Weeks of painstaking work was put into decorating his house to create a Christmas display that captures the essence of Christmas.

But it’s not just any decoration—it’s the German version, filled with items that pay homage to the German side of Christmas.

And all this is spread throughout his house—he doesn’t have just one Christmas tree, he has multiple. There are gingerbread themed trees, a snowman tree, and a really cool 1940-50s themed tree.

What’s more, he has created a “snow village” in his living room, and over 20 years, the village just kept on getting bigger and bigger until it had taken over the room.

With running trains, lights, and a multitude of mini buildings, it really brings out the spirit of Christmas.

In the village, the theater plays classic Christmas movies. There are lights that blink at the diner. There are kids that sled down hills, and even a fireman saves a cat from a tree.

This is the type of scene he was used to seeing when he was little—a fond childhood memory of his aunt decorating for Christmas.

“She had a little village and I would just sit all the time and I would just stare and make believe I was there and that was my house and my town. And so, I just fell in love with Christmas,” Shaw said.

He shares that love for Christmas as well as the Christmas spirit with his friends, family, community, and school.